Chiropractic care is essential for establishing a foundation of wellness, and is one of our main specialties. We use traditional hands-on chiropractic techniques coupled with the most up-to-date evidence-based research protocols. The body has an incredible ability to heal itself when given the right conditions. Our techniques are comfortable and can be adjusted to your level of injury. Part of your treatment may include additional therapies such as: cold laser therapy, whole body vibration, muscle stimulation, cryotherapy, hyperthermy, lifestyle modifications and corrective exercises. Our treatments are safe and effective for people of all ages, from birth to over 100 years old.

Why Should I see a Chiropractor?

Studies show that people are living longer and with that increase in lifespan comes an increase in disabling conditions, many of which are related to immobility and pain. If someone told you that you were going to live to be 100 years old, would you want to do it?  If you knew you were going to live a long life would you take the necessary steps to slow down the aging process, and enjoy your life?

Research has proven that regular spinal adjustments slow down the aging process of the spine and improve the overall quality of life. Our doctors provide a drugless, non-surgical approach to healthcare to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself.  Once your spine is stabilized all it takes is a few adjustments per year to maintain optimal health.

What Conditions Does a Chiropractor Treat?

At Vivicare, our doctors are trained to treat many conditions. We treat: neck pain, back pain, disc herniations or bulges, and pain in the joints, hips, knees, shoulders, wrists, ankles, feet and elbows. Our doctors are equipped to diagnose and treat numerous musckuloskeletal conditions and we refer patients to our list of specialists when the need arises.

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