Does Nutrition Really Matter?

YES! 80% of all illness and disease is preventable with proper diet and nutrition. Your nutritional assessment will involve a detailed look at an average week of your diet. Our doctors will then assess areas of nutritional deficiency and come up with a progressive plan to get your system functioning properly. We will make dietary recommendations to enhance the nutrients you can obtain from your food and then recommend supplements where necessary. We recommend the top of the line supplements that are third-party tested so that you can ensure you are getting what the label lists.

When supplementing there are several factors to consider. At Vivicare, our doctors will recommend the right time of day to take certain supplements, the right dose and the right brand of supplements. We will also adjust your diet and educate you on the best food choices to optimize your nutrition. We don’t believe in dieting, but we do believe in eating properly.

Remove the guess work of “What should I eat?” or “What supplements Should I take?”  Let our experts help you.

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